Be prepared to embark on an epic journey. One not of body, but of mind. A journey through events of insignificant people, leading insignificant lives, finding themselves caught somewhere in between, somewhere no one travels. The events you will experience have no particular importance to history. Events that will be overlooked by any who were not involved, but will always be in the minds of those to blame. Events that may touch some, may elude some, or may upset some. During our time together you will experience loss, fear, hate, love, joy and sadness. You will see the dark side of man and the light side of life. There is only one requirement for this journey. You must allow yourself to get swept along, to enjoy the experience and embrace the ride. If you feel you are ready, come with me on a Journey Into the Mind.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Bonus Item 2

For being late to post my Beyond Space and Time blog here is the second reason why. This is a script adaptation for a previous blog post. I'll let you find out which one.


Fade In

The windows shades are drawn and the room is dim, but
minimal light does seep in throw the blinds. The room is
completely silent besides the sound of birds chirping and
the rustle of sheets.

WARREN is tossing and turning around in the bed, awake but
not ready to get up. While rolling over he pulls the covers
up over his head in attempt to block the little sun that is
coming from the blinds.

Giving up the struggle to get comfortable and hide from the
sun Warren lays on his back and stares at the ceiling with a
thinking expression on his face. During this time his
expression changes often as he thinks of things that make
him happy, sad, etc.

Warren's cell phone rings interrupting his day dreaming. He
looks toward it and pauses. After a couple moments he slowly
sits up in bed and grabs his phone. Before answering it he
stares at the number for a few seconds.

As Warren answers the phone his face is overcome by disgust
and confusion as he waits and wonders who will be on the
other side. During his wait Warren's mind flashes images of
the different people he knows.

The call connects and we see excitement on Warren face. He
says nothing but waits. After a few moments he opens his
mouth to say something but notices that the call has been

A disappointed look overcomes Warren's face as he stares at
his phone. A few moments later he sets his phone and gets
out of bed. Pacing back and forth he continuously checks his
phone to see if a call is coming in. Warrens pacing becomes
faster and faster as he waits. After the pace becomes fast
he suddenly plops down in his chair, rubs his hands through
his hair and bits his finger, all the while staring at his

A moment later we see Warren's face go blank. He stands up
and walks out of the room.


Warren walks down the street with a blank face. He walks
right by people, some who seem to know him, others that
notice his blank face and seem worried or confused.

Warren walks out into the crosswalk of an intersection while
cars are flying by. He narrowly misses getting hit but
doesn't even seem to notice. Many cars honk there horns and
people on the sidewalk hold their breath.

Warren continuous to walk straight down the sidewalk. The
sidewalk ends but Warren continues to go straight, through a
yard first then out into the desert. Heading straight with
almost no direction.


Warren is shown sitting at a cafeteria table. He has a plate
of food in front of him but it is not touched. People buzz
all around the cafeteria but no one is sitting at the table
with him. Warren has a very similar blank face as in the
previous scene, but now his head is shaved and he has very
viable scars on his forehead.

Guards attempt to control patients but many seem out of
control. Patients are doing things ranging from making a
mess with their to writing into the air with their fingers.
Warren face stays pointed down at his food and never

People in doctors coats are standing in a window seemingly
studying what is going on inside the cafeteria.

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