Be prepared to embark on an epic journey. One not of body, but of mind. A journey through events of insignificant people, leading insignificant lives, finding themselves caught somewhere in between, somewhere no one travels. The events you will experience have no particular importance to history. Events that will be overlooked by any who were not involved, but will always be in the minds of those to blame. Events that may touch some, may elude some, or may upset some. During our time together you will experience loss, fear, hate, love, joy and sadness. You will see the dark side of man and the light side of life. There is only one requirement for this journey. You must allow yourself to get swept along, to enjoy the experience and embrace the ride. If you feel you are ready, come with me on a Journey Into the Mind.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

4 Past 3

Beyond Space and Time was suppose to the next blog, but many things have occurred and stopped me from writing and my concept for it is gone. This instead is now the next one and is entitled "4 Past 3." Another blog will be coming shortly as well.

4 Past 3

Nothing good ever happens after 2 a.m. but, after 3 a.m., all hell breaks loose. Dustin was wrapped up in a situation he didn’t think he would be able to get out of. Even worse yet, he didn’t know he needed to get out of it. Lisa had him wrapped around her finger and he was completely lost in her eyes. Staying the night at Lisa’s was no big deal and he had done it many times before, but tonight wasn’t a typical night. Dustin thought Lisa had been acting strange all night but just brushed it off, besides it was making her friskier, which he liked.

Dustin and Lisa had went to bed early that night, sometime around 11, and Dustin was usually a heavy sleeper but something had woke him up tonight. Looking over at the clock Dustin saw that it was 3:04 a.m. and chills ran down his spine. His mother had been declared DOA at that exact time 3 years prior and he the time always brought back the bad memories. In attempting to keep his mind off the time Dustin rolled over in hopes of getting a little action from Lisa. Dustin was surprised to find that she was not in the bed however. He could feel that her side of the bed was still warm while he looked around the room for her.

Still not fully aware Dustin decided to get out of bed and look for Lisa, this would at least help keep his mind off the time. On his way to the bathroom he stumbled over something on the floor but couldn’t tell what it was. The room was darker than usual and Dustin noticed the sky was full clouds and some lightning was flashing off in the distance. He thought back to the weather on the news earlier in the night and clearly remembered the meteorologist stating that it would be a clear night. The weather man never seemed to be right these days. Dustin closed the bathroom window and walked over to the mirror. It was too dark to see what he looked like however so he turned on the lights and gave his eyes a moment to adjust.

The mirror revealed more information that Dustin could handle at first and he feel into the bathtub. Dustin gave himself a moment to come back to his senses and got back up to look in the mirror. Studying his face he could see that he had two starches on his face and blood smeared all over it. As Dustin turned on the water he realized his hands were also covered with blood and he quickly scanned his body to see if he was hurt at all. Finding nothing he proceeded to wash up and then walk back into the bedroom. Standing at the doorway he flipped on the light and saw what he had tripped on before.
Lying at the foot of the bed, half draped on the bed, was Lisa. To Dustin’s horror she was completely covered in blood. As he dropped to the floor and held her lifeless body he found a note that had been set on her.

On this night of lost hope, shattered dreams and unwanted consequences
An unexpected respect and relief was born
An unexplainable self realization
An understanding of situations and concepts
A love of what was
A foward look at what isn't seen
A clear look at what is
Realizing you hurt for the right reasons
Realizing that hurt helps
Realizing progress doesn't always look as though its foward at first



As Dustin read the note the horror of the situation set into his mind and he couldn’t help but cry. Moments later cops stormed the room, cuffed him and took him away. Dustin thought only of his note as they took him away. He did not remember writing it and knew that only one thing on the note resembled something he had written. His signature was the unmistakable mark that would condemn him to life in prison. To discover the truth that only Dustin knew would be to take a "Journey Into the Mind" of a condemned man, a truth no one would believe.

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