Be prepared to embark on an epic journey. One not of body, but of mind. A journey through events of insignificant people, leading insignificant lives, finding themselves caught somewhere in between, somewhere no one travels. The events you will experience have no particular importance to history. Events that will be overlooked by any who were not involved, but will always be in the minds of those to blame. Events that may touch some, may elude some, or may upset some. During our time together you will experience loss, fear, hate, love, joy and sadness. You will see the dark side of man and the light side of life. There is only one requirement for this journey. You must allow yourself to get swept along, to enjoy the experience and embrace the ride. If you feel you are ready, come with me on a Journey Into the Mind.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Nothing's Impossible

“Step back from the ledge Nathan.”

Sam couldn't help but feel as though Nathan's situation was his fault. He always pushed himself to the edge and told Nathan to do the same. He never thought that it would push his best friend into standing inches away from ending his life. One more step is all Nathan had left in him. The only decision he had to make is whether it would be forward or back. Sam was hoping it would be back as they were on the roof of a thirteen story building.

Nathan’s face was completely blank. Sam could see no sign of fear, worry or anger. How Nathan was managed to stay so calm and confident was beyond him. Sam had stood on the edge of many cliffs in preparation to jump but was never able to carry the kind of composure Nathan was now. The main difference for Nathan however was he had no parachute like Sam did during his jumps.

Police arrived downstairs and it appeared to Sam as though they had started their way to the roof. He quickly ran to the door and locked it, knowing he was the only one that would be able to talk Nathan down and getting more people involved would only aggravate him. Sam walked back over to Nathan as calm as he could manage and peered over the edge. Nathan paid no attention to Sam and continued his gaze toward the clouds.

“This isn’t what I had in mind when I said ‘take a leap’,” Sam said directing his words more to himself than to Nathan.

“You’ve inspired me Sam and you will be directly responsible for what happens here today. Don’t worry though; I know what I am doing.”

Sam had never heard anyone speak in such a tone before. Nathan’s words not only carried a sense of complete confidence but also seemed to have complete peace and understanding. The words gave Sam the chills but the way Nathan spoke relaxed him and took all his worries away. Overwhelmed with the urge to sleep Sam couldn’t help but lay down right where he was and drift away. Sam barely managed to hear Nathan say, “This is goodbye,” as he watched his friend take the final step. As much as Sam wanted he could not get up and his fight to stay awake was helpless.

Moments later Sam was awaken by the sound of the Police breaking through the door to the roof. Still groggy he heard the first officer say, “It’s alright, looks as though he came to his senses.” Sam slowly got up and peered over the edge but saw no signs of Nathan. The crowd below cheered when they saw Sam and realized that the jumper was no longer standing on the edge. The Police walked over to Sam and escorted him off the roof but none questioned him as to where Nathan had gone. Sam understood what Nathan’s words meant as he looked toward the sky and took a “Journey Into the Mind” of a man who went beyond the impossible.

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