Be prepared to embark on an epic journey. One not of body, but of mind. A journey through events of insignificant people, leading insignificant lives, finding themselves caught somewhere in between, somewhere no one travels. The events you will experience have no particular importance to history. Events that will be overlooked by any who were not involved, but will always be in the minds of those to blame. Events that may touch some, may elude some, or may upset some. During our time together you will experience loss, fear, hate, love, joy and sadness. You will see the dark side of man and the light side of life. There is only one requirement for this journey. You must allow yourself to get swept along, to enjoy the experience and embrace the ride. If you feel you are ready, come with me on a Journey Into the Mind.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Storm Of '96

I Plan on doing some more work on this, but this is the start.

Seeing is Believing

Yesterday we got news that there would be a big storm today. It was suppose to be the biggest storm of the decade or longer. Now, we have heard similar statements before. Usually it’s just an average storm and not a big deal. Yesterday we just brushed it off, figuring it would be just like the rest. Today is a different story. The storm is upon us and we can all vouch for the simple fact: Seeing is believing.

The Storm’s Trick

Little Willy didn’t know what to do. We had to go out and feed in attempt to save some of the cattle, but we would be risking our own lives. The dilemma though, is that the cattle were our life. Little Willy figured out what to do however. He was going to risk his own life. We all told him he was crazy, I even offered to help. In the end no one could convince him to wait it out or let someone help him. He went out alone.

5 Days

Sarah demanded there be a search party. Little Willy had been gone for five days. Five hours out in the storm seemed like enough to make a man go crazy if not kill him, there’s no telling what would happen after five days. Sarah was a persistent person however; it was hard to ignore her. Even harder due to the fact we all wanted to know what happened to Little Willy. The Mastermind decided for the group that the best thing to do was to drug Sarah so she would sleep for a few days. At least that would give us of outward peace.


We all underestimated Mother Nature. She is a ferocious beast when she wants to be. Twelve days of hell was driving us all mad. Wasn’t really a big deal for Phil the Psycho, but the rest of us couldn’t take it. Twelve days without any interaction with anyone besides the five of us, who wouldn’t begin to go mad? Phil the Psycho thought the storm secretly hid monsters; most of us were starting to think he might be right. At least that was a better explanation for why Little Willie had been gone so long. He must be out fighting the monsters to save us all.

Mastermind’s Major Mistake

Sarah woke up from the drugs about four days later. As you could imagine, she wasn’t the happiest cat around. Knowing us all so well, she instantly figured out that Mastermind was the one who drugged her. Mastermind thought we should do it again, but Mr. Jackson, being the subtle man he was, convinced him otherwise. Sarah didn’t really make much fuss about it. She stayed in her room and was oddly quiet, oddly quiet indeed. When Mr. Jackson decided to go console her, she was gone, the only evidence we found was an open window.

Mr. Jackson and the Narrator

Mr. Jackson taught us all some very useful things while we were cooped up. He’s the one who taught me how to write and inspired me to write out these events. Mr. Jackson was a straight forward man though. He didn’t much like the way I spiced things up. His idea of writing out the events was more like a documentary on paper. I, the narrator, thought this was too dull. Who would eat a plain bean burrito when they could eat a spicy bean burrito? Well ok, I can see why one would, but you get the idea.

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